Domestic tobacco: seeds for it cultivates in a handle or a garden plants of tobacco - tobacco to smoke

With these seeds we will be able to plant and to cultivate our own tobacco in a flowerpot or a garden, though before it is necessary to indicate different aspects.

The first one: it is legal? The response is that yes, providing that it is not done to great scale or as business.

The second one: it is possible? Yes, though it is necessary to consider the difficulty of the dried one, we prune to produce authentic tobacco, without additives or chemist.

To the price that is the tobacco, to whom it would not like to return to the past and, smoke since our grandfathers were smoking. Already it is possible to sow the tobacco as if it was tomatoes and peppers in the same epoch that these. Then we prune to transplant the most vigorous plants to the garden in a rut to a span of distance between every plant and we will begin something of manure and very much irrigation in summer. At the end of summer we will start the entire plants, will hang them on a porch to security of the wind and the Sun and once dried, will crush them. We will produce an excellent sting to smoke in pipe, cigarettes or to make the best snuff.

Certainly, for if there is someone who thinks that the plants of tobacco are horrible, at all beyond of the reality, the floor of tobacco is beautiful. She has a few enormous leaves and gives a few flowers precious roses. The plants are made very beautiful and high with his her big perfumed and viscous sheets to the tact.

We offer 800 seeds of 4 variadades different:

200 seeds of Virginia's tobacco (to realize fair cigarettes and I cut)
200 seeds of the tobacco of Havana (for cigars or black cigarettes)
200 yellow seeds of Monte Calme's tobacco (to realize mixtures)
200 seeds of Monte Calme Brun's tobacco (to smoke in pipe or wrappers of cigarettes)

Besides we give the orders a small guide in English, with the instructions more complete of how to grow, to treat and to preserve his tobacco.

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