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Sea Monkeys Triops Artemias sea-monkeys, sea monkey, classroom pets, instant pet,

 Artemia NYOS, educational toys, cryptobiosis, starter kit, light responsive, tricks, science fair, supplies,

Explor-A-Sub, store, aquatic los sea monkeys son unos bichitos acuaticos que viven en el agua

o en una pecera y se parecen a cangrejos, renacuajos, caballitos de mar o monos de agua,

los huevos nacen de uno sobrecitos que contienen alimentos, huevos y polvos. Son como pececitos que nadan.

This product is designed specifically with the goal of introducing and educating young children to the joy of pet ownership, teaching them responsibility, and preparing them to become caring pet owners. The world of Sea Monkeys includes the most amazing of pets, an Instant Pet. Which child can resist the magic of creating an instant colony of pets!

Number #1 of the 3 packets necessary to produce Instant Life!

It neutralizes the poisonous metal oxides and other harmful elements such as chlorine and floride. This one time formula is needed to condition the water, so that when you add Packet #2 Instant Life, you will see your Sea-Monkeys hatch alive!.

Instant Life Sea-Monkey Eggs
(Packet #2)

Instant Life contains the mysterious ingredients that (when combined with Packet 1, Water Purifier) hatches Instant LIVE baby Sea-Monkeys.

Sea-Monkey Growth Food
(Packet #3)

Satisfy their hunger with Sea-Monkey Growth Food, the primary nutritional ingredient that's essential to your Sea-Monkeys health and happiness.

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