Euro album for Euro coins
Euro album for Euro coins

In the Euroalbum you can gather the 96 different coins from all 12 EU’s countries. It sorts all of Europe’s coins according to country of origin and value. Each coin has its own assigned place, as if it were a puzzle. Once you have finished collecting all coins the album can be framed, or stored as a collection.

It also includes a detailed explanation, a drawing and the meaning of each coin, which makes it an interesting catalogue, a nice poster and a practical album to collect our Euros.

You may however classify coins according to the year of emission, simply by buying an Euroalbum each year.

Can buy it for 18 €

We accept only the payment for VISA or Master Card    or   [ All the expenses (postal as well) included. It will receive it in 4 ó 8 days ]

[ Supplement of 6 € for sending outside Europe]

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