100 Silkworms Eggs
SILKWORMS : buy eggs of silk worms

The children will be very satisfied to have in house this so interesting animal. Also it is very useful for teachers and schools i for all those persons lovers of the nature or of the biology.

The silkworms are born in spring, are fed on mulberry and make the floss thread, forming a nice cocoon, of which an elegant butterfly is born. The butterflies do eggs, of which worms are born again. It is the history of the cycle of the nature and the production of silk, which also can be a good affair.

We send 100 silk worms eggs. This way they will be able to see the process of the animal and will know like the natural silk is made.

Can buy it for 25 €

We accept only the payment for VISA or Master Card    or   [ All the expenses (postal as well) included. It will receive it in 4 ó 8 days ]

[ Supplement of 6 € for sending outside Europe]

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